Wasseralm to Karlingerhaus – My Mind Starts to Think Rebellious Thoughts

I did sleep, but not as much as I should have, or as much as I needed. I was too tired & (unusually for me) found other people’s snoring a bit of an issue. It is a challenge to sleep communally.


After a basic, but filling breakfast I joined everyone else brushing their teeth in the water trough – it really was a beautiful morning & there was a stillness to the air. It was quite magical in fact, the river was running through the valley with the morning mist rising slowly. There were the hushed murmurings of everyone preparing for their day’s walk. There was a welcome chill to the air, but I think we all knew it was going to be another hot one.

I was less worried about the day as I knew we were only (ha! Only….) walking for about 5½ hours today – definitely doable.


We were one of the last groups to leave as we filed through the meadow & up. As with all our walks it was very up and down.

2013-07-22 10.48.28

There was a little detour to go look at the view – I wasn’t feeling great, so I decided to watch the bags & sit in the shade. At this point we were at the far end of Lake Konesee. You could see St Bartholomew’s church (we’d had glimpses along the way)

2013-07-22 10.12.04 I do regret not seeing the view, but don’t regret the shady rest.

We stopped when we reached the first of 2 lakes. I didn’t fancy a swim…it was too green & quite muddy getting in. David obliged and it genuinely looked lovely – it’s just I don’t do oozy mud :-/ It was lovely just to sit and watch. Reflecting back, maybe this is something I should have done a bit more.


I decided I’d go in at the next one….so off we filed again. Spirits were up, though I think we were all feeling tired after the mammoth walk the day before. Once we reached the next lake it was apparent that access was going to be tricky. If we were going in we would have to walk down a long way. I decided to get on and continue to the next hut. I was still feeling surprisingly nervous after Wasseralm and really didn’t want to be in the position of feeling so tired and not knowing where the hut was. Isa, David & family went down (though their energy levels seemed boundless).

Around this time Katie & Florian managed to get a head of steam & ploughed on ahead leaving me puffing like a steam train with Rod & Sally. I am eternally grateful for their patience & kindness, putting up with me. Physically I was able to achieve this, but only just.

We saw some mountain goats…long conversation ensued about whether they were chamois or not – we figured not!

2013-07-22 13.36.37

It was when the path opened out and we were about 15 mins from the hut that I started to think I may not actually walk to the last one. I didn’t make up my mind completely, but the thought had lodged itself into my sub-conscious. Whilst I was still enjoying myself, I couldn’t hand on heart say I was REALLY enjoying it. This was, after all, my holiday. I decided to look at the map & see how I felt over the next couple of days.

The same relief was felt upon seeing Karlingerhaus & knowing that we could stop. We passed marmot burrows on the walk in, but it was far too early for them. I believe they like the late afternoon/early evening.


This hut was huge (and slightly impersonal) Katie & Florian were already there & drinking beer. It was so good to sit and relax…with beer….and cherry pie (with a crumble topping) they definitely know how to ‘do’ cake in Bavaria J

Katie & Sally went down to the lake for a swim (no I really don’t know where they got the energy from) I looked and the map….studied the contours and pretty much decided that it was unlikely I would make it to the last hut…a B&B in Ramsau sounded very appealing.

rebellious thoughts
The contours were extremely close together.

As the afternoon wore on I started to feeling increasingly out of sorts & started shaking & feeling a bit sick. I tried to eat, but rather frustratingly could only get a couple of mouthfuls in. I knew I needed the carbs to fuel me for the next day. I ended up going to bed really early & not really managing to get to sleep.

Lying down helped & eventually I did manage to sleep.

Lederhosen count 1


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