Karlingerhaus to Ingolstadler – Shortest Walk to Highest Hut

I woke to a beautiful morning sight out of the window, with the early morning mist hanging in the dip

2013-07-23 05.10.36

I felt so much better this morning – managed to get into the boot room with the camera – it was impressive seeing everyone’s boots all lined up.

2013-07-23 05.31.03

Breakfast was good I recall so I left feeling reasonably good. It helped enormously knowing that it was a really short day today.
The sign said 2¾ hours & I think it actually took us about 4-4½ (ish)
We were going to the highest hut of our trip & of course this meant some very steep shale climb. It was beautiful though & psychologically it was a much easier day because we could pretty much see the hut for most of the walk. The kids went on ahead & I just huffed and puffed at the back.

2013-07-23 09.56.27

The terrain got steeper and rougher & we passed the sign for the next day’s walk…it looked steep…hands and knees steep, there was barely a discernable path through the rocks…never mind – that was tomorrows problem, we had to get to the tiny dot on the ridge line today.

2013-07-23 10.35.11

The sign said only 3½ hours to Wimbachgrieshutte…tomorrow was another day & I can tell you it did not take 3½ hours 

We saw sheep…with bells and everything!

Again we had glaciers to deal with, which were much easier this time – probably because we were going up – I tried not to think too much about coming back down… the thought just lodged itself into the back of my mind, ready to pop back out in the early hours of the next morning!

Rod broke one of his walking poles, which was a problem as these poles proved to be a godsend for us less confident with the terrain.

The hut was small & very clean (I wrote lovely loos in my notebook, so they must have been good)
It was a very expensive hut however, with a charge of 5 euros for 1½ litres of water & the tap water was not safe, so we had no choice really.

2013-07-23 11.32.53

The food was very good – I had Spam (Austrian equivalent) egg & fried potatoes and it was sooo tasty.
My legs were very sore today, so getting in at lunchtime & being able to sit on the decking with a book and a beer was positively heavenly. The breeze was enough to keep it the perfect temperature and I soon nodded off….

2013-07-23 14.50.37

I didn’t shower today as I couldn’t be bothered to queue.
Shared a room with Sally, Rod, Katie, Florian & Isa
The flowers in the mountains are stunning I wrote a list….not re-typing it because of note about purple flower…I can’t remember what it was I saw 

flowers list

Rather bizarrely there is a swing up here & a rope ladder….
Today was a good day & after a much needed rest, I was feeling much more positive about the rest of the trip. I think this was because I had pretty much made up my mind not to do the last hut…. & I felt alright about it.
So I sat at the side of the hut after a good day & watched the sun go down….

2013-07-23 19.35.19