I did it for the bling….

…..is that wrong?

It is a lovely medal – I’m not even bothered that, because I registered late, that I didn’t get the t-shirt.

It got me thinking, though… & I looked at my other medals that I earned in 2015 & it made me realise what a journey I have been on.
2015 saw me do 3 triathlons, a sportive & 2 running events – not bad for an old stick who doesn’t exercise 😉

This the first of my 2015 challenges (in preparation for THE BIG ONE in September) I ran with my friends and a couple of work colleagues and was a culmination of a lot of winter grizzling….I only trained because I had to & to be fair didn’t enjoy one bit of it…I moaned and griped on every run. I have a VERY patient running buddy & a VERY patient husband 

My First Half Marathon :-)

My First Half Marathon 🙂


Nancy & I did a sportive in April – I rode about 70 miles I think (it was waaay back in April – how can I be expected to remember all the details?) – I remember I was slow & Nancy (bless her) had the patience of a saint…I was very uncomfortable at the end….no, not where you think 😉 I had incredibly sore shoulders. This prompted a bike fit at Mud, Sweat & Gears… the best thing I did as I love riding now 🙂 

My First Sportive :-)

My First Sportive 🙂


I ran 10K in Southampton, I only did it because both my brothers were doing the half marathon – though it would be good sibling bonding. Only it turned out that the 2 races were being run at different times, so I was on the start line on my own, feeling very sick – ridiculous I know, because it was only 10K….. My second race….. I’m almost a pro by now surely? 😉

My First 10K race

My First 10K race 🙂

Sibling bonding :-)

Sibling bonding 🙂

I really concentrated on my cycling after this as the scariest thing I was about to do was looming – and I was petrified of this one – losing sleep, scared….. We went to Mallorca where I was doing my first half ironman distance race…oh, don’t get excited I was ‘only’ doing the bike bit in a relay team. I can’t even begin to express how I felt here – I do it quite well here  the point is I did it, I survived & I came back stronger in both mind and body.

My First Half Ironman Relay

My First Half Ironman Relay 🙂

2015-05-16 09.32.55
After that I was really starting to knuckle down with the training. I managed to get into a rhythm of sorts. I was swimming in the sea & missing the jelly fish (every time) thankfully, running 2-3 times a week & cycling a couple of times – throwing in long ones on the weekend….all in preparation for THE BIG ONE – the reason for all of the above ‘bling’
A few weeks before I was able to do a sprint triathlon with Bustinskins (who, incidentally are a great bunch of people who really know how to put on a great event) I needed to do a ‘competitive’ sea swim. Competitive, my arse – I was just about last, but it’s not my motivator, to win – just as well really to take part and finish 🙂

I learned loads by doing it – mostly that I’m still a crap swimmer…but also that I am determined and I will do my damnedest to complete something if I start it you can read about ‘that’ event here

My First Sea Swim Event :-)

My First Sea Swim Event 🙂

And so 3 weeks later I found myself doing THE BIG ONE…. I had trained all year for it, I got on top of my eating & I was as ready as I could be & do you know?
It was one of the best days – I really enjoyed myself & I wrote about it a couple of times after (and here)..

My first ironman distance event :-)

My first ironman distance event 🙂

I had a hell of a year in 2015 & really pushed boundaries of what I thought I could do. Physically it has been tough, but mentally it was really hard. All the doubt & fear. But do you know I felt like I have achieved a lot & as I left 2015 I wasn’t entirely sure how much I would continue.

2016… and I found I had signed up to 2 half marathons, a sprint triathlon (courtesy of Bustinskins again), a cycle up Ventoux & the Great South Run…without even thinking about it… oh, and a mere 26.2 mile walk from Charmouth to Ferrybridge….how did that happen? It’s FAB though because it’s kept me training through the winter.

I’m getting a tad concerned about the walk (on the Friday) followed by the Weymouth Half (on the Sunday) it seemed like a good idea at the time – my legs at the moment are having a little moan about the training… :-/

Anyway, this was about bling…. I did my first trail run…it was by mistake – you see, I saw the medal & thought “that looks good, wouldn’t mind that one” So I signed up to do the 10k around Portland. It wasn’t until I was stood at registration, that it dawned on me that this was a trail run & that I probably didn’t have the right sort of shoes… oh, well 🙂 🙂 🙂

My First Trail Run ;-)

My First Trail Run 😉

I don’t own the right sort of shoes….

It was great fun & I got the medal….

My motivation to do the event, wasn’t to win. It was to get the medal… so back to my original question…is that wrong?


3 thoughts on “I did it for the bling….

    • Surely it should be about improving and pushing yourself? That’s what I always thought was the motivation for people doing these events….who knew 😃

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