Text message at 21:22 “Bugger….

…just remembered you’ve got my maps”
“Oh God, yes…do you need them tonight? What time are you going tomorrow?”
“Too knackered to need them tonight. Will need them by 7.45 tomorrow latest to get them checked :-/
“Dave says he’ll stick them through the door…. I’m exhausted :-/

I speak to Dave, he grimaces, so I ask him to drive me in…. I don’t really want to get dressed again….I’m chillaxing in my *whispers* onsie (it’s got ears and everything 🙂

I have a couple of attempts to get out of the door – How can Manor Close be so busy – it’s 9.45pm?
I get out and ANOTHER car drives by…I duck down behind my car…. OUCH… my legs… 😦

We drop off the maps and head home.

I’ve definitely had enough now – too tired to even eat. It was a long day. But what a day – I completed my first marathon length event.
Sally, Nancy & I walked from Charmouth to Ferrybridge along the stunning (and hilly) Jurassic Coast in Dorset. It was day one of the Jurassic Coast Challenge 2016. Sally & I only signed up to do the first day – Nancy was doing all three.


We set off at a good pace and managed (give or take the last bit) to maintain it. It was a stunning morning & even the sight of Golden Cap looming in front of us did not deter our enthusiasm. Nancy & I even managed to trot down some of the hills – bringing a bit of relief to the legs. Sally didn’t need to trot – the girl is born to march 🙂


I was glad to get the big hill out of the way early (wouldn’t have coped to well if it’d been at the end!) We did well & got to West Bay before any runners – we’d fully expected to see them passing us by then. We trudged on – putting on some layers at the top of East Cliff – it had clouded over & the wind was biting.
The worst bit (or so I thought) was just coming – the shingle bit….It is just strength sapping. The first of the runners started coming through just before West Bexington (before the worst of the shingle) – we congratulated ourselves having got so far along (turns out their start was delayed… oh well)  🙂
Then we were on it – if I never have to walk that bit again, it will be too soon. I was conscious we needed to keep up the pace so trudged on. I started to slip behind. I was so please to see Dave at the car park at Bexington…
We’d picked up a ‘Colin’ and a ‘Zafar’ at Freshwater (whilst nice to chat initially, they didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to leave us….grrr…..got a bit annoying)
Check point 2 (Abbotsbury) was within spitting distance – Sally started speeding up… I just couldn’t do it – I’d not been fuelling correctly. I think Sal was worried we’d miss them.
I’ve have never been so pleased to see a cheese and pickle sandwich – it was quite dry and on white bread – and at that point the best thing I’ve eaten…..I just needed to get some food in. I had loads in my bag – but it was on my back & a pain to get to – didn’t want to hold up the others. It was tough to get going again (we’d got quite chilly, just in that brief stop)
Fab to see some supporters – absolutely makes a huge difference 🙂 🙂 🙂

Check Point 2 - still smiling

Check Point 2 – still smiling

We lost the ‘Colin’ and a ‘Zafar’ here (they didn’t want to wait, phew)
Over half way & only one more hill of note – we were in good spirits.
Note quite sure how the conversation of rabbits came up – but what do you call a group of rabbits?
The winner in our ignorance was a “Bonk of Bunnies” 😉
We settled into a trudge – the miles starting to make themselves felt – just the Fleet to do. It’s a little tinker is that Fleet…you can see Portland, so you think your nearly there. It’s relatively flat…but it goes on and on and on… in and out, it wiggles and meanders.

We got to Check Point 3 (Langton Herring) – we’re still smiling, but wanting it to end. It was funny – cheese and pickle sandwiches had made it there as well – there was a group of Duke of Edinburgh students hungrily eying them up – if only they knew (though to be fair they’d have loved them as well) They moved on – they were nearly at their journey’s end (Bagwell Farm)
The light was changing – we’d been going for nearly 7 hours.It was around this point it became a chore. We just had to grind out the miles…and what a grind.

We were chatting less and just trudging on – I was holding back the other 2 – I was slowly running out of steam & I’m sorry I held them back.
Safe to say – it got dark – we got our torches out & continued trudging. Nancy had a blister crisis, which we patched up. We were at the Camp Road bridging camp – Portland was actually starting to look closer. Dave is waiting again, so good to see him.
We look down towards the fleet again…my heart sinks – got miles to do yet 😦

Then we hear it… yes, it’s a bugle…it’s Ali…we cheer & head down to this welcoming sound – bringing in the troops. I have never been so pleased to see someone – it really, really lifted our spirits. I gave her a big hug & we marched on.


It got boring here – it’s dark & we’re still wiggling along the edge of the Fleet.
We eventually pop out by the Crab House – more peeps there with hugs and support. I’m humbled that people were willing to come out on a freezing evening to see the 3 of us. Thank you Aaron & Laura.
I look across the beach road – nearly there, just Hamm Beach…it goes on and on. Nancy breaks away – she’s got the lady who did it in jeans in here sights – got to beat her in….
We wind it up a notch and take over as well.
At the end we see Sarah & Mike & Thomas who walk in with us. At 9:58:33 I dib at the finish. I’m absolutely exhausted.

We had planned to eat afterwards, but the thought of it just wasn’t appealing, so it was off home to a hot shower and the onsie…. And the start of this blog entry 🙂


I hope Thomas does remember to make us a couple of medals – you see one day of this challenge only gets you a tee-shirt….


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