Who thought THAT would be a good idea?…

…..well apparently I did!
So, I walked further than I’ve ever walked in my life on Friday – in one go that is…not ever because that would be, like, THOUSANDS of miles 🙂
And then thought it would be ok to ‘run’ a half marathon. I use the word ‘run’ here in its loosest form you understand – I’m not sure very much of what I did on Sunday could be classed as running….

I achieved my first marathon distance event, by walking along the stunning and challenging Jurassic Coast in Dorset. I ached like I’ve never ached before….

On Saturday, I hobbled to see Boris for a prearranged and much needed leg massage – I swore a bit :-/ Then I mooched over to the café to watch the hardcore JCC diehards on their second day.
I spent the afternoon asleep/watching tv/eating junk food (essential athlete training I’m told)
I slept well – even though I’d spent most of the afternoon asleep

Sunday morning saw me shuffling out of bed & taking the stairs one by one…things eased a bit & I got dressed (standing on one leg to get my socks on was funny to watch) I couldn’t eat breakfast, I managed a banana as we drove in. It had to do.

2016-03-20 07.14.02
The cold north/easterly remained. It was bitterly cold & grey – just like last year! I was nervous again, but resigned to the fact I had to just get on with it.
So off we went – ouch, ouch, ouchity, ouch, ouch – and that was just from the Jubiliee clock to the pier bandstand… how the hell was I going to get round? It settled down a bit & I was ok until the hill out of brewery square (I know – it’s a tiddler – but all the same, it felt like a mountain to my legs…they just had no power in them at all)

only photo of me on the event

only photo of me on the event

It’s funny looking back – you know when you meet some old people & they say (in a very loud voice) “I’m 90 you know” – well I was saying “it’s the marathon I did on Friday that’s making this hard work” (like they care…) It’s almost as if I had to justify my shuffling excuse for a run to anyone who would listen. 🙂
I plodded on & was glad to get to the turning point at Portland Castle. I walked most of the way back along Hamm Beach – I kept tripping because I couldn’t lift my feet quite high enough :-/ I actually wanted to run – I wanted to get it over and done with. I was seriously out of steam.

I needed the pick me up that was the Sandsfoot Café feed station – just the mental boost to get me through the next couple of miles. 🙂 🙂 🙂
I picked up Kathy there who so kindly rode next to me & kept me chatting & took my mind off it all. I managed to start ‘running’ again once we started going downhill.
Dave was waiting for me on Town Bridge & there was Sal, up from her sickbed, to cheer me on. Not far to go & I just plodded the last bit – with Dave & Sal trotting along next to me.

…I crossed the line & just stood there. Dave came up & I sobbed – not just a little trickle, full on sobs… That had been difficult… really tough. 😦 ….
I’d got my bling… I’d finished my biggest challenge to date – I’d definitely found that tougher than Challenge – weird as it may seem. Probably because I didn’t train as hard as I should have done – lesson learnt I guess.
I was about 15 mins slower than last year….

….but it’s the marathon I did on Friday that made it tough… 😀

Ventoux & Alps Duez, next….better start getting out on the bike :-/


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