…there’s no other way to describe it…
What am I talking about – well, it’s the Sydling Bell Run of course…
I missed out on the Sydling Hill Race (I’m sooo not ready for the GHM (yet) ), but felt the need to ‘do’ a White Star Running event – it did not disappoint.

Of course I did it for the bling….and what bling it is…. 😀


cue – little picture of bling…

It had to be a bell really – all money raised for the church bell fund
We rocked up to registration – poor Sal is still carrying her horrible piriformis injury, so Kathy stepped up to the mark & took the spare entry.


This sums up all of our running to be fair. But this was never going to be about speed – this was about having a bit of fun 🙂

So off to the start on the village green where we are informed this is going to be a Le Mans style start…hmmm…..running to our cars….no wait….
…so everyone had to take off their shoes and put them ‘over there’ & then we had to take part in a ballet style warm up…it was bonkers…I couldn’t stop giggling 🙂

20160626_095316 (clip referenced to Kaz on the White Star Running Facebook page)
The horn sounded and it was chaos…. Kids – adults….all over the place…I pitied the parents of children who had to do up all the shoes again… :-D
…and we were off…
Straight up the hill – no surprises there – I made it about half way up before giving in to walking.
About half way & a tent appeared on the horizon…. with bells – brilliant we were getting the bling before the end…. Just had to do a forfeit before earning said ‘bling’

I got pen 2 – which meant I had to tell a joke. I only know 2 jokes – one is a rambling story about 2 bits of black tarmac who go into a pub….. and the other is… well inappropriate to say the least 😀 (I could have got star-jumps, press-ups or sing a song – I’m thankful for small mercies)
I managed to get a knock-knock joke out of my distant memory & I was off along the track with my bell.
I just laughed out loud – it sounded like something out of Heidi…. The Dorset hills came alive with the sound of alpine cattle 😉
But do you know what… was really really loud and really really irritating, running with a bell round your neck.
We had to run down the very steep hill, back into the village with us all clanking and laughing.

I admire the peeps who took part who did the marathon the day before. Kim assured me it was a good thing to do to stretch the legs again – be interesting to know how her legs are on Monday!!!

I had the best time – it is so good to take part in something that wasn’t necessarily about doing your best. Nothing too serious – but brilliant fun – I think you need to have a laugh sometimes and not worry about whether you’re quick or slow or raced badly…it was about taking part & not taking yourself too seriously.
It was less than 4K & the best Sunday morning I’ve had in ages.

I can’t stop smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂


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