Today I rode to work…

…not because I’m training, but because I wanted to.
It was a stunning morning.

I write about this because I was thinking as I rode in about how much I have changed.
Last year I training for the biggest challenge of my life (so far) and every bit of exercise was training. I did it – I was knackered all the time. Probably didn’t enjoy most of it. But I’m not a quitter & I’d been given a challenge.
So this year, I’ve done stuff… and earlier in the year it was big stuff, but as the summer has worn on & I’ve recovered from the big stuff (the Jurassic Coast Challenge – day 1) (Weymouth half marathon) and started to enjoy just going out.

Recovery from the JCC & the Weymouth half, was probably not complete until about June…that’s how broken it left me. Everyone said it’d make me stronger – news flash – it didn’t… I had nothing in my running legs…seriously – nothing. :-/

I felt like I was starting from scratch all over again

I had to get some miles in on the bike for Ventoux, but that was where things started to change for me – you see I really like cycling… I know I’ve said it before, but I get an enormous amount of pleasure riding around our beautiful County. Every time I go out I get a bit stronger – I can feel it, maybe not always at the time, but I’m aware that I’m less fatigued generally. I can comfortably ride 50 miles.
I’m motivated by Strava – not because I want to beat anyone else, but because I like it when I get those little cups.

😀 😀 😀
PR’s are FAB – seconds and thirds are ok, but I’m always a little bit disappointed with them. I inadvertently got a QOM earlier – didn’t realise I had it until Strava told me I’d lost it… now I’ve ridden it again to get it back (no chance)…what is happening to me?
Goodness knows how I did this morning – not great I suspect, I kept stopping to take pictures. 😀

I decided to ride up ridgeway to see how far I could get in the big ring… not as far as I would have liked, but further than I’ve managed before!

I then decided to ride down Coombe Valley Road (obviously I didn’t ‘need’ to be in the office particularly early… lol) I realised I’ve only ever ridden down there on tired legs – usually after 50+ miles… there’s a small incline about half way down and I always mentally tell myself it’s the last hill…. Today, I didn’t even notice it!
I loved riding in today & I’ve really enjoyed just riding socially with no pressure. I’ve enjoyed having a swim when I feel like it & I’ve enjoyed running when guilt makes me do it.

HOWEVER…there is just a little bit of me that is feeling a little bit left out because I’m not doing the Ironman 70.3 in September… I mean really… I hate the swimming …. But FOMO has a pull… there’s a chance that FOMO will see me out there training again…


Oh may the saints preserve us – I can see Dave’s head shaking slowly from side to side…. I can see (and read) the think bubble….

😀 😀 😛


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