…I’m waiting for the husband to emerge from the Ironman briefing.  I’ve just driven through Weymouth, having dropped him off and apart from the normal crowd, there are athletes everywhere I look.
It’s brilliant to see. There’s cyclists dodging the rush hour traffic with their aero helmets and stunning bikes. People are running along the sea wall. Also people with their partners having a coffee. … all bringing much needed trade at the end of the season. I saw swimmers earlier as Dave registered.

They are a distinctive bunch, with the blue/black ironman rucksacks and if you look carefully the grey wristband.
Accommodation is tough to find, taxi’s are doing a roaring trade. Restaurants and cafés are also busy..

It’s going to be a fantastic event on Sunday 11th…my roll this year is supporter. I can’t wait  🙂

 Good luck to all of you who’ve trained with blood sweat and tears. It’s a big deal and preparing for an Ironman can be one of the most mentally challenging thing someone can do…especially if it’s your first one!

It has been my privilege to help in my small way, even if its only been the first long bike ride or a hug when its all got too much. Im so proud of all of you, but especially Kim, Ellie and of course  Dave xxx


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