“Let’s ride up through Dunnerdale” says I…

“it brings you right up into the middle of Hardknott Pass & Wrynose Pass… I can wait in the middle whilst you ‘do’ them…”

We worked out an off main road route trying to keep clear of as many of the > & >>’s as possible. (look at a map of the area – you’ll see what I mean) Not easy in the lakes & in reality not totally possible either. Hardknott & Wrynose (pronounced rhinos) have >>> in places – that’s 30% climb or 1/3


30-40 miles in the warm autumn sunshine – perfect holiday activity 😀

It actually was a lovely ride. I didn’t ride like a mad thing, it was about taking the time to enjoy the stunning scenery & getting up those pesky hills. They really are hard little buggers – not like continental hills at all (which generally zig-zag their way up)


UK hills (especially in the Lakes) just go up!

We stopped at a great pub which appeared just as we were starting to think a cuppa and a bowl of chips would be a bit nice 😉


The trouble with being on holibobs slightly out of season is that not everything is open. So suitably caffeined up we meandered (well climbed) our way onwards to Cockly Beck.



Now having got to this point it would have been silly to have just turned round and gone back the way we’d just come…so….and I knew it was inevitable really ….we decided to ride back via Wrynose



Hands up who has ridden up Bishops Road (also know as Lime Kiln road) out of Abbotsbury…that steep bit on the corner…yes? Well, this climb is like that….but for much longer. Also it’s got a steep drop on one side…oh, and rocks.

For all of the above stated reasons I walked up it as soon as it got remotely difficult 😀 😀 😀


this is just as it got steep (I’m looking away from the hill….pretending it’s not there)

But, wait…the worst was yet to come… I had to get down the other side.. shit :-/ excuse me….  but it has to be one of the scariest things I’ve ever done (and I’ve jumped out of a plane…just so you have a point of reference here)

Mentally I cried and tried really hard to hold it together…Dave was a little dot in the distance & I was pumping the brakes and trying to avoid the gravel & pot-holes. My arms started really, really aching – to the point where I had to stop and shake them out (note to self…next time (I know… but it will happen) I need to go to the gym and work on my upper body strength, just to ride down a fecking hill 😀

I was so glad to get to the bottom – just look at my little face 😛


All in all though, & all joking aside, it was a lovely ride. we were blessed with the weather & I managed 75K and did just shy of 1500m of climb. We had a great time navigating our way round the small roads & will definitely go back!


FYI Hardknott & Wrynose feature in the Fred Whitton route, should anyone feel inclined….

Dave had a go & managed 99.12 of the 110 ish miles(.12 is very important you understand) with over 3000m of climb. He couldn’t quite manage it. I think it was probably a bit optimistic, post Ironman.

So, it’s unfinished business…. gotta love a challenge eh?


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