Bovington Bling 

​I have been reading some of the race reviews from Sunday.  One lady  (Danica) wrote: 

“I felt as a reminder to not care about times in the future. I know I’ll end up being hard on myself at some point again though so I just savored the moment as best as I could.”

Err….yup….that’ll be me….
I had the best time  (not actual time, time) on Sunday. I was really worried about getting round as I’ve been feeling so under the weather for a while now. And I managed to “ting” something on the club run 5 days before  (sore right knee and left buttock)  However I just plodded round and absolutely loved it. I felt exhilarated pretty much all the time (the alcohol probably helped to be fair). The atmosphere was great and I actually loved trail running with the mud and variation under foot.

The bling…well what can I say….is blingtastic 😀

I was talking to someone about my running the other day. I still struggle with it all. I am fed up with always being at the back and I don’t appear to be getting any better. I wanted some advice about training.  They asked me whether I wanted to go quicker or longer. When I thought about it, it’s (still) not as serious as that for me. I just want to enjoy it. I want it to stop being such a chore.

Sunday helped enormously. I did my slowest half marathon time but I didn’t care I came in about 300 out of 500…so I did ok…but I genuinely enjoyed myself

I’m still not right, but I can feel a little trickle of mojo returning…just a trickle…don’t get too excited.


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