365 – a picture a day, every day


So, 2017 see me starting my first 365 – a picture a day, every day.


I tentatively started it, thinking I could always stop if it got too much – it’s a big commitment you see, and once I say I’m going to do something then I’m generally going to do it 😉

The Camera Club set up a Facebook group & I decided that I would use that and Instagram  to publish my pictures. I rather like the square crop you get with Instagram & then there’s always the filters to give the image a nudge (and in some cases a great big shove) in the right direction 😀 What this has done is also give me the flexibility to use both my camera and my phone. It also doesn’t tie me to the computer – making it more about the picture and not necessarily the processing.

I know one of the reasons for doing a 365 is to get back in touch with the camera. It is very easy to forget to use it – especially when you, like me, work full time. The problem I have, if it is a problem, is that my phone takes exceedingly good pictures…quickly & easily. So even now I’m probably not picking up the camera as often as perhaps I could.

I’ve not set myself any rules or themes & I think this will be a great help because I’m not a good rule breaker and I would stress if I couldn’t achieve my expectations – I know….. It’s a complicated place in my head 😉

So, where to start?

I found day one was one of the most difficult – I was overthinking it a bit – looking for a killer image and as a result started running out of time and light and ended up taking one of my Christmas decorations – not exactly awe inspiring – but at least it was done.


I managed day 2 on my run and I suspect this is where a number of my images will come from as I run and cycle…quite a bit 😉 But this challenge has almost given me permission to stop and take the picture. Quite often when I’m out I will see something, a snippet of a view or the way the light is falling, and keep going. Now I’m stopping and going back.


The first few were images taken because I had to take something & it’s all starting to settle down a bit now. I find I’m constantly thinking of things to do & always looking. Sometimes it’s handed to me on a plate. The moon, the sky, my yoga class. With the moon and the sky, they were a case of looking out of the window at the right time & grabbing the camera. The yoga class was a surprise with the lantern, but it was quite lovely.


“oh look – it’s the moon”


I opened the curtains and it was just there



Others have required a bit more planning and thinking – my selfie took a good hour to get right, it was only taken on my phone, but it was tricky getting just the right shot, I was taking down pictures in the background and I struggled to get the right focus. I was dressed up to the nines, make up…feather boa…for a trail run….as you do 😉 it was such a bizarre combination that I’m glad I did take the picture it will serve as a reminder of a brilliant event 😀 😀 😀



tippy toe through the puddles

As I work in Weymouth I have decided that on the days where I’ve not managed to get anything I will drive into town after work and see what shakes out, without much in the way of a plan. I’ve had some luck there & it’s something I will be pursuing through the year.



What I’m enjoying is the fact that I’m almost keeping a diary in pictures – I will look back on the pictures and remember the stories connected with getting the picture. The fog, the drill bit fixed to the bike frame, the tulip past its best (which incidentally I’m very proud of)


drill-bit…..ask away 😀





Some days it is a huge relief to get ‘it’ out of the way – especially on a work day because once I’m in the office, that’s it pretty much it for the day. A couple of times I’ve snuck out, but inspiration is generally lacking as I have my work head on. But sometimes, even here, it’s handed to me on a plate… this was a guy having a meeting with the accountants we share the building with… 😀


meeting with the accountant


Of course on my days off…well… I am now planning where to go – at the moment I’m re-visiting places & taking something I’ve probably done before, but I feel like I’m still settling in to the project. I’m still making room in my head to let it in. I’m still going to get some duff ones and they will be part of my photographic journal of the year – good days and bad days – all recorded one way or another.

I will probably put them all together into a book once the project is finished. I did it when I did 112 pictures in 2012, which incidentally I only managed 67 the reality of taking 2 pictures a week just wasn’t sustainable.

one a day is a big ask 🙂 .


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