Preening Like a Peacock

Soo…Saturday saw me waking up at stupid o’clock so I could prise myself into my new leggings… They were from China and of the one size fits no-one type …but, and this is the important part, they were peacock leggings – a lovely feather design and shiny… I struggled to get them over my fat calves and I was stressing about my arse – they were ‘snug’ but bearable 😀 Within 15 mins of wearing however, they were edging down…to the knees where my fat calves were stopping any movement below…too late now – I was committed (“probably should have been” I hear you say 😉 ) to peacock leggings and a blue tutu…as you do. Full make up again was the order of the day – since when did I get so vain? Oh yes – it was the Dirty Devil Stampede – my race pictures looked so much better with red lippy ….

I think maybe I need to address the whole fancy dress/running thing as it’s doubling my event costs :-/


Anyway, we were on the road for 6.30, off to the Larmar Tree Gardens to run 10 miles around the Rushmore Estate with White Star Running

I knew the night before that the bling would be delayed due to Hong Kong wanting to stroke them and look after them in customs for a bit longer (don’t blame them – they are lovely) Unfortunately this caused poor Andy another headache, but to be fair everybody seemed ok about it – not his fault after all (apart from designing something so beautiful)

We arrived early enough to get a coffee and a wee and catch up with a few peeps. The leggings were continually heading south to the knees (not quite a Nora Batty moment, but it would have been if my calves had let them – they were fairly uncomfortably rucked up behind the knee) Sal & I were wandering around hoicking them up every now and then – I heard (& felt) a couple of seams give – thankfully I’d had the foresight to wear something underneath 😉 We were both questioning our choice – resigned to our fate for the next 10 miles we set off (after a warning about the hunt and hunt saboteurs – it all happens at these events)

It was foggy, but surprisingly warm so top layer was shed quite quickly. We stopped another couple of times for leggings – but to be fair once we reached critical sweat production they stopped where they were, neither moving up or down (no matter how hard I tried – the sagging crotch was getting uncomfortable) :-/

It was reasonably (read ‘very’) sticky underfoot for the most part – a couple of spots…well one, where I completely misjudged my route choice and ended up with mud right over my ankles – I mention this only because I’m generally so good with keeping reasonably dry and clean.


highlight of the day… I gave a very reserved ‘British’ hug – Sal just went for it – a moment of panic crossed Kevin’s face 😀

The hill was big – we knew it was coming & in a way it was a relief to get it out of the way. We walked up with everyone else – didn’t stop to look at the view at the top – someone had stolen it! & made our way onwards. Apart from the 2 hills, we ran (not always the case for me – but I was feeling ok)


The love station was FAB as usual – and suitable refreshed we set off again…. After the next hill we both remarked on how FAB we were feeling – not necessarily physically, but I had nothing on my mind… at all I felt invigorated & stress free – I don’t think I could ever feel like that road running.

Trail running is good for your soul 😀

The weather improved & the sun started to put in an appearance as we got to the last 400m or so – I have to admit although I was still hanging on in there with the running, it was slow & poor Sal, should have gone on because she had to keep on stopping whilst I caught up – dunno how the girl does it – trained twice in the last 2 months after injury and still springy like a gazelle…

Crossing the finish was a bit underwhelming as we were handed a bit of card for our food… I thought I’d be ok without the bling…. But you see that is my motivation to run – I’m a bit addicted to collecting the bling – I was very grown up about it…. ‘suck it up buttercup’ and we went to the car to get changed.

Never been to an event where we’ve been fed – it was a treat. We both had lasagne… very nice it was too, though I’m told the food when the WI are involved is exceptional 😉

We toddled off home – it felt like a Sunday, but we got home just after lunch – it was Saturday & we still had the whole weekend ahead of us 😀

Happy days…

Someone asked me the next day if I was pleased with my time – and do you know what – I hadn’t given it a second thought. I’d had a FAB morning out running – getting muddy – chatting… I don’t care what my time was. I’d got my bling by then (Thank you Brian – I was so excited to get to yoga) and I had, had a ball….


I need to do more runs like that – no pressure, no time, just pushing my limits a bit – I’m hoping to fall in love with running this year, because I have to be honest I do find it a bit of a chore, I don’t really like it that much – I want to feel like I did on Saturday – because it was F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.



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