Migraines and Me

First off I want to just say this is me – this is what I have discovered works for me. I am in no way saying this is the way to cure migraines – this is just me commenting on what is happening to MY body. I just thought you might find it an interesting read. Always take medical advice before trying anything new or changing what you have been advised to do.

I know I’m not the only person here who struggles with migraines – especially after I’ve been on a long run or cycle.


But I have just had a particularly nasty run of them – pretty much 3-4 weeks now. I find they come in clusters, so I can go for a couple of months free of them and then I will wake up with the nagging pain behind my right eye. My options are limited at that point – I can either try to go back to sleep or take one of the prescription pills. The tablet, to be fair, will get rid of the pain, but the side effects are not great. It can upset my stomach, give me indigestion and make me feel woozy. But the pain goes away and as long as I keep moving after taking the tablet, I can carry on. If I go back to sleep, then I feel rubbish for the rest of the day – a bit like a hangover.

But I hate taking tablets & would much rather get to the cause than mask the symptoms.

I’m not a great “googler” of medical stuff, but this week (today) on my 20something day of waking with a migraine, I googled. The reason was that I took a magnesium supplement and the headache went away, so I wanted to see if there was anything about it out there on the subject.

I had been taking magnesium as a supplement for a while now, but stopped about 4-6 weeks ago (can’t remember why)

When I take it I find I sleep so much better. I wake feeling rested. I don’t crave chocolate or sweet things so much – all good stuff.

My migraines started with the menopause & I thought I had a brain tumour :-/ thankfully it was ‘only’ a migraine. They are horrid things and when I get a cluster they are quite debilitating. I have ruled out a lot of the standard triggers over the past few years and I know I will get one if I ‘do too much’

How much is too much? Well that’s a very good question & it can depend on a number of things. Sleep and exercise are the deciding factors for me. If I’ve ridden 50-60 miles – I’ll have a migraine the next day. If I’ve had a run of late nights/early mornings then I’ll get one.

The doctor have given me the tablets, but don’t seem interested in finding the cause. The tablets knock it on the head and leave me feeling like a space cowboy.

I’ve tried acupuncture which didn’t make any difference and to be fair the practitioner didn’t promise the earth, so I tried it… I was however given (used in the ‘I gave money and they were given to me’) Chinese supplements which did seem to help, but they were very expensive and fairly disgusting – not a sustainable solution.

So what do I do? I’m back on the magnesium so hopefully it’ll keep me on an even keel. I’ve been struggling with this for a few years and I did think that my body would adjust to all the extra stuff I was doing and the headaches would go away eventually. When I was training for “Challenge” it was a struggle to keep a balance between enough and too much training.

I can’t live my life deciding what I can and can’t do though – just in case I get a migraine. I actually love cycling and it’s horrible to feel so ill for a couple of days afterwards.

I’m going to research this some more and speak to my GP about it – I’m just glad to have found something that ‘may’ help – watch this space 😀

I had a great Easter – a bit of running – a bit of riding – it’s NOT going to stop me – but it would be nice to wake up in the morning without a headache!



2 thoughts on “Migraines and Me

  1. Hey Cathy.
    Sorry to hear about your migraines. What a nuisance that they are linked with sports. I get them occasionally (first I lose my vision and then get a killer headache). I find they are triggered by changing my sleep patterns and the weather. Possibly food too but I’m not entirely sure what food.
    You are right to try and find the cause and not just treat the symptoms. Have you ever read “it starts with food”? There might be something useful in there. Good luck xx

    • Thanks Jane. My triggers are definitely lack of sleep and doing too much… and magnsium definitely gets rid of them. I’m just glad I’ve found something other than my prescription tablets

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