We’re moving house…

… and for various reasons we’re not moving into our next home straight away, so we’ve been packing & putting our stuff into storage.


The last time we moved was 22 years ago – we were 22 years younger… it’s been tough on so many levels.

Physically, we’re exhausted – the first few boxes were fine – it was the garden that broke me (40 pots & tubs) I’ve been packing and sorting for weeks & thought I’d chucked out enough – quite clearly I haven’t, I think when we finally move into our new place, there will be more culling :-/


‘Snow White & Stephanie’

Mentally I’ve not really been prepared for how I’m starting to feel. Every move in the past I’ve just moved on without a backwards glance or any sadness or regret. This time however I’m starting to feel quite emotional. I’m sure a lot of it is because I’m exhausted and unsettled, but I’m finding that as the official ‘day’ approaches I am feeling sadder and sadder.

It’s crept up on me.

I feel as though the house is dying slightly. I know that sounds extreme, but each day we have been taking a little bit more of the soul and light out of it. It has been our family home for the past 22 years and it is stuffed to the gunnels with love, laughter, sadness, drama, smiles, light….well, basically, memories. Each day as we move a little bit more, a little bit of light goes out as well & I’m starting to feel it.


The house is starting to look a bit shabby and in need of a good spruce up – funny how you don’t notice these things when you live with it. (Well I don’t – perhaps I’m the abnormal one?) But we’re busy being out – living our lives.

The cat has been a bit confused. I’ve been taking her on reccie visits to Iris’s so that she can start working out her new temporary home. She’s old & we can’t keep her shut in like you would normally do when moving a cat because it wouldn’t be fair to Iris to have that worry. We are so grateful to have somewhere to live for the next few months whilst we sort out everything for our BIG MOVE to Weymouth


We have been very happy there bringing up our 2 boys & it has served us well. It’s time for it to be a family home again. Time for the next phase in our lives with lots of love, travel, laughs & friends

I’m excited by the freedom this move brings us, but it comes at a hidden cost.

I’ll be a bit fragile for a while….

Bear with me 😀

*** update – the house next door changed hands on the day we moved our final stuff out – have to say I’m feeling less sad about leaving 😉 #justsaying #saynomore


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